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If you were on the paid staff last year or a CIT, and cannot serve this next summer, please e-mail Scott Segerson at immediately! The void you leave needs to be filled and I need to know that ASAP.

          Prospective Staff Members and Returning Staff Members

 First all, thank you for your desire to serve on our staff at Az Soccer Camp! Your desire is testimony that you have enjoyed your time at camp as a camper or previous staff member! We have a blast on staff : ) !

  We have a long, rich tradition of wonderful staff members. As you know, this camp is unique in that the same philosophy and objectives have been held since the camp began many years ago and now all staff members were once campers themselves! Because all our staff members were once campers themselves and have experienced the benefits of the camp (in most cases, for years) our staff are talented, fun, compassionate and sensitive to the needs/desires of campers themselves!

I feel the selection of staff members is the most important decision I make about camp every year.

  I look for many characteristics and qualities in choosing staff members. These qualities include, but are not limited to the following: compassion for others, soccer skills, soccer knowledge, level of independent responsibility, creativity, initiative, leadership skills, confidence, enthusiasm, sense of humor, perseverance, and dedication/appreciation to the camp as a whole.

  How do I apply to be a CIT?

Thank you for your interest in serving as a CIT at soccer camp this summer. We look for CITS who demonstrated, as a camper, a great appreciation for the camp and what it stands for. People who proved themselves to be fun, compassionate, talented, intelligent, leaders! We look for those who were hard workers, and people who generate responsible fun where ever they go! We look for loyal people who are trustworthy and are proven in the ways they demonstrate respect for soccer, the camp, its staff, and the campers. CITS must possess a high moral fiber and be worthy of imitation by younger children. They must have proven responsible, safe, fun, behavior and possess soccer skills and knowledge that can be shared. Obviously, they must have a knack for working with younger children, being able to demonstrate compassion and care for each child.

There are a few things you need to know before deciding if you really want to serve in this capacity:

1. Many people want to be CITS, but I can only select a few. It is my most sincerest hope that, if you are not selected, your camp memories and experienced will remain a rich part of your life and will not be tarnished by not serving as a CIT.

2. It is important to know that CITS pay half the camper price.

3. Serving on staff is hard, but fun! You give of yourself, essentially, 24 hours a day…giving and serving! But, it is worth it as I am certain other staff members can testify!

4. CITs are carefully selected based on the above characteristics as well as need. The registration numbers and camper genders dictate the number and gender of CITs (and all staff) needed.

5. If you are selected you may not get to choose which week you attend.

6. Most new CITs are restricted to serve only one week. Some returning CITS may be asked to served for two weeks.

If you would like to be a CIT, please e-mail Scott Segerson at before December 5th and we will e-mail you an application. We try to make our decisions about who will be a CIT by the end of January, but it could take until the end of May.

How do I apply to RETURN as a CIT?

Your interest in returning indicates that you had a great time last year! Thank you for your hard work!. Please remember the items listed above under “How do I Apply to be a CIT?” are still in effect. You do not need to reapply. You should have received an email in September  about your interest in being on staff. Check your junk folder if you don't see it or email us if you can't find it. Keep in mind that registration numbers and gender breakdowns determine staffing needs. Not all first year CITS get to serve their second year – these decisions are made on an individual basis by the Camp Director in conference with the Assistant Camp Directors.

How do I apply to I make the move from a CIT
                                         to a paid Counselor/Coach?

  Your interest in returning as a counselor/coach indicates that enjoyed your two years as a CIT and want to take the next big step! Obviously your ability/knowledge of soccer becomes even more paramount in taking this next step!

You already know this, but I will remind you: Counselor/Coaches are carefully selected based on the above characteristics as well as need. The registration numbers and camper genders dictate the number and gender of all staff members. If you are selected you may not get to choose which week you attend. Although there is a base salary, your pay is negotiable with Scott – speak to him personally. We'll email you and last years staff in December.

How do I RETURN as Counselor/Coach?

Your interest in returning to our staff indicates that enjoyed your experience last year! As you know, we have a great staff and my goal is to retain that great staff, but it is not automatic! Some who served two years as a CIT deserve a chance to move up. These are difficult decisions and will be made on individual on a individual bases. I will contact you in December with an update of our needs and my intentions.