Soccer and Fun Since 1981

BOGOFISH (pronounced Bo Go Fish)
 is the solo music project of Bo Jensvold.

We "party 'round the campfire" to Bo's fun songs!


   Songs include: Deluxe versions of Soccer Mom, We Rock, Rattle Your Cage, Zombie Grr Grr, Indominus Grin, Know Sweat, Wilbur (For Boys), Wilbur (For Girls), It's My Mess, Beautiful Dance and Abe Lincoln (Deluxe).


   Songs include: Throw It In, I Get A Kick Outta That (Boom Shaka  Laka), You Me and Goal, Aliens, No App For That, Dig For Power (Oh EE Oh EE Oh), Kickin Party (Kick Kick), Take The Shot, Hold Em, No Speaky Spanish and Kick The Ball (Ole Ole Ole Ole)!

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Stream Bo's songs right here!

  • I Get A Kick Outta That2:33
  • No Speaky Spanish2:18
  • Here Ya Go2:01
  • Hold Em2:03
  • You Me and Goal2:36
  • Jigglen Jigglen2:17
  • No App For That2:09
  • Fishin In The Dark2:33
  • Soccer Mom2:59
  • I Feel So Good3:11
  • Indominous Grin2:29
  • We Rock2:56
  • Home3:33
  • Abe Lincoln3:24
  • Wilbur2:54
  • Not Dead Yet2:14
  • Az Soccer Camp.com1:10
  • Rattle Your Cage2:36
  • Paul Wit Da Ball2:17
  • Capturing The Magic3:43
  • Cabin Inspection Time1:09