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Refund/Cancellation Policy of Az Soccer Camp, LLC

Please note that we plan our staffing needs according to registrations in order to provide a safe, structured atmosphere for our campers. Your registration fee includes a $150 non-refundable “deposit” per week, per child.

~If a camper must cancel, we MAY be able to offer an alternate session as an option for your child.

 ~ If a camper is registered for camp and becomes unable to attend, cancellation must be received by email to before mid-night, May 15th.

~ If you cancel BEFORE mid-night, May 15, your registration your fee will refunded – minus the $150 deposit.   EXCEPTION: If there is a waiting list for the session and we  fill your vacant spot, your registration fee may be refunded in full, minus the $30 processing fee. Refunds are credited to your credit card  or by mailing you a check.)  

 ~ If you cancel AFTER May 15th, refunds are only provided for medical reasons minus the non-refundable deposit.  You can fax a note from the doctor to 480-917-0569. or email a copy to

~ During camp, no refunds will be issued for voluntary withdrawal, withdrawal because of illness/injury, no shows, or the expulsion from camp for inappropriate conduct.

 Other Information

~ Registrations placed after May 15th must be paid in full – no deposits… unless other arrangements have been made with the Camp Director.


Emergency Authorization

 I hereby authorize emergency treatment at any hospital or other health facility or by any physician/medical professional.  I, as Parent or guardian of said child appoints AZ Soccer Camp, LLC  as their representative while the said child is in custody of the AZ Soccer Camp, LLC  participating in the Az Soccer Camp at Camp Grace.
 In case of any accident, injury, or illness, the AZ Soccer Camp, LLC or representative is authorized to render emergency first aid to the child or seek qualified medical attention for treatment of the child at the discretion of the AZ Soccer Camp, LLC staff.  I also give permission for my child to participate in all camp activities. (If there are restrictions, please email the Camp Director at


Hold Harmless/Child Participation Waiver

1. I give my child, identified on the registration form, permission to participate in the activities conducted by Az Soccer Camp, LLC.

2. I am aware of the inherent dangers and risks involved in summer camps, soccer, swimming playing in the forest, such as injury to the eyes, nose, head, neck or back; sprains, fractures, breaks, or dislocations of the joints or limbs; lacerations, concussions, skin disease, or death. Some other risks include, but are not limited to: a) Being hit or struck by sports b) Being hit, struck, physically challenged or collision with other camper, c) Collision with camp facilities (floor, goal, ground, challenge course

3. I understand that Az Soccer Camp, LLC does not provide any accident or medical insurance for my child. I understand that I am required to provide medical insurance for my child, I agree that I am financially responsible for any and all medical expenses associated with my child’s participation in Az Soccer Camp, LLC

4. I agree, on behalf of myself, my child, and our assigns, executors, and heirs, to indemnify, and hold harmless, Az Soccer Camp, LLC, and members, officers, agents and/or employees/contractors from any and all liability, damage and claims of any nature arising out of or in any way related to my child’s participation in this program except those things caused by the sole negligence of Az Soccer Camp, LLC

5. I understand that Az Soccer Camp, LLC is not responsible for personal belongings lost, broken or stolen.

6. I understand that the terms of this agreement are legally binding and certify that I have signed this agreement on my own free will after carefully reading and fully understanding it.


Cell Phone and Technology Policy

Cellphones, Laptops, Tablets are prohibited.

If you would like to know the reason for this, please continue reading...

The vast majority of residential camps do not allow cell phones. We also have a “no-cell phone” policy at Az Soccer Camp, and you deserve to know why! 

The vast majority of parents say “Amen!  Kids can’t even talk to each other anymore… they will even text to each other when sitting in the same car!” Or parents look forward to a little break from the kids…

At times, we have a parent who feels as if  the life-line to their most precious gift on earth – their child as been severed. I have two daughters myself and I understand your feelings. This explanation is really for those parents who, after registering their child,  may be doubting their own level of comfort being separated from their child for a week or doubting their child’s ability to be able to handle a week away from mom and dad.

For over three decades, we have always taken the safety and well-being of our campers-your children - very seriously. After all, giving your child over to the care of other people is perhaps the greatest act of trust you, as a parent, can engage in.  We aim to do everything possible to earn and keep that trust. We also know we cannot do this without your help. With more and more children using the cell phones and other technologies at younger ages, we appeal to you as parents to partner with us to ensure that your children continue to have the safest, most wholesome camp experience possible. 
You chose to send your child to a residential camp away from home rather than to a “day-camp” atmosphere. When I speak to parents about what they hope their children will get out of our residential camp experience, they speak about gaining independence, self-esteem, making new friends, gaining soccer knowledge & skills, and gaining traditional values in a wholesome, beautiful atmosphere separate from their “day-to-day” grind of homework, soccer practice, and drama with their friends at home.  When considering making new friends and gaining independence from the camp experience, a cell phone only hinders that process.  When a kid is on a cell phone instead of making friends at camp, it sends a message that they're more interested in other kids than the ones they're with. Do you allow your children to text message while at the dinner table?

There is also a fundamental problem with campers having cell phones at camp, and that is trust. When children come to camp they- and you - are temporarily transferring their primary care from you as their parents to us and their care-takers.  This is one of the growth-producing, yet challenging, aspects of any camp. As children learn to trust other caring adults, they grow, little by little, to solve some of their own challenges. We believe this emerging independence is one of the greatest benefits of a residential setting. It is one important way your child develops greater resilience. Contacting you by phone essentially means they have not made this transition. Sending a cell phone to camp is like saying to your child that you, as the parent, haven’t truly come to peace with the notion of them being away from you and in our care.  Together, we can explain to your child there is always someone they can reach out to at Az Soccer Camp, whether it be their coach/counselors, or myself, the Camp Director. We are all here to help!

What if I need to get an important message to my child? If you need to get a message to your child about, for example, somebody else will be picking them up from camp, etc, you may E-Mail me at or leave a brief message at 480-217-4095.  Please remember, there is no need to hinder your child’s enjoyment by passing along bad news that they have no control over from camp.    
 AZ SOCCER CAMP Policy Explanation  – Cell Phone & Other Technologies

Homesickness: Honestly, we rarely have children who are homesick!  We've seen how calling home often hampers the enjoyment of camp and may even promote homesickness.  It sounds counter-intuitive, I know, but it is true.  In the event of camper illness, or  any other urgent need, parents will be contacted by the camp staff. Should a child become homesick while at camp, our staff will closely monitor the child, work with him/her to overcome the homesickness, and occasionally contact parents for positive encouragement. We believe that overcoming homesickness is an attainable goal. It is important that parents be encouraging and positive should this occur. In 30 years, we have never had to send a child home because of homesickness!

“Homesick Parents”   It is normally mom or dad who are sitting at home wondering… conjuring  up negative images of what they think may be happening at camp. So much so, they end up contacting me only to be shocked that their child is happy and adjusting well without their parents. For parents, we post photographs of the day’s events on the website so you can see some the activities of the day (Monday – Thursday). Don’t panic if you don’t see a photo of your child. We do our  best to capture as many campers and activities as possible but we cannot photograph each camper every day. However, you can see that the kids at camp are happy, healthy, and having fun.

Protecting your Child’s Privacy:  The added issue of “cameras on cell phones” and the opportunity for inappropriate use of those cameras to infringe upon the privacy of others  is another reason why schools do not allow cell phones in locker rooms/restrooms, etc.  This is yet another reason why so many residential camps do not permit cell phones as well.

MP3 players: Cell phones and MP3 players are expensive and can get lost, damaged or stolen. The physical camp environment is not kind to such items.  In this age of constant connection, we promote camp as a time to be fully present to the activities at hand.  We realize many kids listen to their MP3 players while going to sleep.  Therefore, MP3 players are allowed to be used only at night while kids are sleeping.  Watching movies, surfing the net, etc. are not permitted at camp. We do not permit kids to sit around their cabin or walk around camp with their ear buds dangling… this hampers social interaction as well.  Neither Az Soccer Camp nor Camp Grace is responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen MP3 players.

   Hand Held Electronic Games:  We discourage these as well because they hamper interaction with other campers and staff.  We have plenty to keep kids entertained!

Lap Tops/ I-Pads/ Tablets:  Are not permitted for many of the same reasons listed above.

Please do not have your child “sneak” their phone in. Please consider what this is teaching your child… If we do find a cell phone, we will keep it for safe keeping in the staff quarters and return it to them at the time of check-out.

Are you still concerned about your child NOT having a cell phone at camp?   Please feel free to contact the Camp Director personally.  We are here to help and want you and your child to feel comfortable. I’m sure our communication can achieve that goal.


Special Dietary or Allergy Needs Policy

 If your child has a Dietary Restriction or Allergic Condition that needs special consideration or supplies:
Please notify the Camp Director by email before June 1.


In 38 years of  Az Soccer Camp, there isn't much we have not seen or have been able to accommodate.  We do not want 
dietary needs to exclude any child who wants to attend Az Soccer Camp! 
We never serve or use any nuts or nut oil in any of our dishes. In addition, we do not serve shell fish.  
Sorry, no "Lobster Night at Az Soccer Camp! 😉  

If your child has special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies, ,Celiac/Gluten Free, etc.)  please inform the Camp Director at by June 1st. Please note: 

If your child has special pre-made commercial meals or snacks that they have an affinity for, we can provide freezer or refrigeration space for your child's convenience.

Vegetarians: Our menu offers a variety that vegetarians can enjoy. But they can bring some of their favorite foods in case they don't care for something on the menu.  We can provide freezer or refrigeration space for your child's convenience.

If your child does have unique dietary needs, you may wish to speak to our Camp Director personally, (Scott Segerson - 480-217-4095).  He can answer any of your questions and/or he can provide contact information for our Kitchen Manager and you can discuss the menu and ingredients. Her name is Terry and she is very friendly and accommodating. 


Photo Waiver

 I give permission for AZ Soccer  Camp, LLC. to use any pictures taken of my child for future promotion purposes.  Note: Their name will not appear with their photograph. 

Photographs are also posted nightly on the webpage so parents, family, and friends can see some of the fun we’ve been having.  (If you do not want to grant permission, then please check the box and immediately contact the Camp Director at  He will make certain your child’s photo doesn’t appear on the web or in promotional videos/brochures, etc.