Soccer and Fun Since 1981

"Both my sons sent us "homesick" letters. One day after camp they said "please don't read the letters we sent because we want to go back next year"! It was the first time they were away from us so it was an adjustment... but now all we hear about is the great experiences they had. Funny how kids minds work...
Thank you again. Have a great Summer!

"I wanted to write this to show how special camp really is to me. Feel free to share any part of it!
On the last day of school, there are ALWAYS two things on my mind - the next grade I am going to enter after summer and AZ Soccer Camp! Come soccer camp time, I can hardly sleep the night before because I am so excited!
Before I came to this camp, I was always nervous for soccer events because I worried kids would judge me if I wasn't good at something. Then I tried AZ Soccer Camp because of all of the great reviews it got. On my first day, I knew it was the camp for me. When I arrived everybody was so welcoming, caring, and energetic - that made me feel so welcome! Throughout the week everyone was super friendly and no one judged at all. This camp is a 100% guaranteed "no judge" zone. 
Every year it's the hardest thing to say goodbye because we're all a family at AZ Soccer Camp and everyone has the time of their lives with each other. I get teary-eyed every year at the end of camp. I don't think any other camp can beat the environment we have at AZ Soccer Camp. There is no doubt in my mind that I will return back to camp every year I can!
Thanks again! - Noah"

Az Soccer Camp 

"I want to say a huge THANK YOU for a wonderful week at camp for my son. He had such a wonderful time!!!! He is already talking about next year’s camp. Thank you for allowing us to have a safe alternative to summer fun!! - Mari (mom)

"I've been to three different soccer camps and this is the best soccer camp I have ever been to!" - Keith

 "I look forward to this camp every year! It is the highlight of my summer!" - Brooke

 "My kids love this camp! They raise the money themselves and save all year! They wouldn't miss this for the world!" - Paul (Father)

"We had no idea what to expect regarding Austin & Alia's experience at camp this year because last year was their first camp ever and they rated it a 10 out of 10.  So with such high expectations we thought they might feel let down this year.  HOWEVER, we wanted you to know they felt this year was even better than last year!!!"  -Curt and Deb (Parents) 

"At this camp, my son fell in love with the sport of soccer again! Thank you so much!" - Roger (Father)


"I love this camp because it is like a big family! I learn a lot about soccer and have the time of my life! The coaches are helpful and funny! I love this camp!" - Brian


"I was hesitant about sending my 8 year old son to camp. He had never been away from home for more than one night! When I came to pick up him, he ran to me begging to stay another week. The staff was so kind and caring and the older kids really helped to make the younger kids feel special!" - Megan (mom)


"I was really nervous to come to this camp because I didn't know anyone and I wasn't even really very good at soccer. But everyone was so nice and helped me so much, I want to come for two weeks next year! - Ryan


"Thank you so much for such a great experience! I knew the moment I arrived, when staff members offered to carry our bags and greeted us with a big smile, it was going to be a great place for my daughter! She was nervous at first, but ended up wanting to stay two weeks next year!" - Kent (father)


  "I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my son's confidence! He not only gained confidence on the soccer field, but off the field as well! - Rebecca (mom)


  "Wow! You sure provided my son with a life changing experience! I can't believe a soccer camp can provide so much on and off the field!" - Paul (father)


  "You provide a safe environment where kids can be kids and where they can enjoy the beautiful sport of soccer without the pressure to keep their position on a team or a club... they can enjoy the sport, make a ton of new friends and really improve themselves a person. Thank you so much for what you do!" - Peggy (mom)


   “I am so impressed with your ability to use soccer as a medium to create an    atmosphere where all the kids feel loved and appreciated. They feel a sense of freedom to be who they are, yet are molded into something even better than who they were! The climate does not mandate, but invites the kids to nurture – to serve and protect the other kids at camp - many times, it is with kids whom they had never even met before camp. The fact that you can lead them to accept and embrace that invitation is amazing. You create a “family”. I speak with other parents and their children too, go through symptoms similar to withdraws when they come home… They are in tears missing the environment you have created…missing you and the staff members! It astounds me that you can create this environment period – let alone in just six short days! - Stephanie (mom)


 "This camp is a place where you don’t have to worry about your reputation; a place where you don’t care who is watching. No one cares if you are cool or not, up there you are one word: family. The bonds we build with the other campers, Scott and the rest of the staff are unbreakable. You grow as a person, and learn to accept people for who they are and not what they look like or how they dress or what club or school they play for! We learn so much both on the field and off the field! I can't imagine a summer going by without going to this soccer camp." - Aaron

"I wish I could stay at soccer camp all five weeks!" - Brennan  


"I was so nervous at first because I didn't know anyone, but by the second night, I had a bunch of new best friends. I cried the last night because I didn't want to leave soccer camp. - Josh


"This camp is my home away from home! Everybody is so nice and so helpful. When it is time to go home, everyone cries because the want to stay! - Jack


"My kids wouldn't miss this for the world! They had a chance to go to Disney Land for three days or to your soccer camp and they chose your soccer camp! - Cheryl (mom)


"I have had five children all attend this camp and it has changed all their lives for the better! They are not only better soccer players, but better people! Thank you so much!" - Carol


"My son went to camp last year and loved it so much he brought back 12 of his teammates this year and each one can't wait to return! They have been talking non-stop about the fun they had. Their stories of camp are both hilarious and touching at the same time!" - Kendal (mom)


"I had heard this was a unique soccer camp that offered more than just soccer skills. My daughter was reluctant, at first, to attend. After three nights, she called home. I was petrified when I heard her voice, thinking something terrible had happened. She wanted to know if she could stay for yet another week! Thank you so much for rich experiences you provide so many children!" - Diane (mom)


Well, we want to thank YOU from the bottoms of our hearts! My son so enjoyed his experience at your soccer camp! He said, "I WISH I would have known about this camp a LOOOONG time ago" and "Next year, I DEFINITELY want to go for 2 weeks!" We are so grateful at how much you made this a fun, soccer-learning environment! He can't wait to keep running and keep his skills up for the rest of the summer! He is already saying how he wants to be a CIT in 3 years! AHHH! I can't BELIEVE that is only 3 years away! Our youngest son will be joining him next year for the "Soccer & Fun Since 1981!” LOVE THE RHYME!
Have a wonderful rest of your summer with all of the other children you so dearly touch!
Sincerely, Kelli & Chad (Mom and Dad)

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for all you have done for my children. The values you have taught them at AZ Soccer Camp have carried on to their everyday Lives. I feel very blessed to have been able to have all 3 of my children attend your soccer camp for the past 10 years. My youngest is now in her final week as a camper. I know that this Saturday will be a very sad day for her. Yet the memories of you all and soccer camp will be with her always. As I watch my older children develop into truly awesome young adults. I cannot help but think that you all helped them to grow and become the people they are today. Thank you all for being there and being part of our lives.
Love, Kris (Mom)


   My son, TJ had such an amazing time.   First thing he said as he walked in our home (friends brought him home for us) was, "Next year I want to go for 2 weeks!"  He also said, and I quote, "that was the best week of my life, compares to my time in Disneyland!"   He obviously had a great time, thank you for caring for him so well, not a sunburn at all!   Also he said the food was amazing!  Our son, knows good food as his father is an incredible cook, so this is saying alot of your cooks.  Continue doing what your doing, you are making life long memories for these kids, in fact, my son also said, "I will remember this week for the rest of my life!"


We just moved to AZ last year and took a look around in Pinetop for a vacation home when we dropped off TJ.  Looks like we are buying a home there!  See you next year and you will probably also see our Daughter Isabella who just turned 9!

Have a great summer,

Yvonne and Tim


  Hi ...I am Jacob's mother and first off I would like to thank you for the kind words about our wonderful son!  We feel that way about him but it means SO much more when someone else sees what we see!  Thank you for letting us know!   I also want to personally thank you for allowing Jacob to purchase the DVD even though he didn't have enough funds in his account.   I can't tell you how many times I've found him listening and singing along to the music one. :)   By the way, the picture DVD is my favorite.... to see all of those happy kids!  Jacob had such an incredible time he is already planning on going back for 2 weeks next year.  It is so nice to hear what a great time your child had when participating in thank you!!  - Sheri 


Our boys Cole and Dylan have not stopped talking about all the fun they had. This was their second year at camp and they had just as good a time if not better than their first year. Cole said I need to reserve for 2014 right away. Thank you and your staff for creating such a wonderful experience and giving the children memories they will cherish forever!


Warm regards, Lynn

Just wanted to let you know how much our son Alex enjoyed his time at the camp last week. He loved every minute and can’t wait to come back.

I also really appreciated one of your comments when we picked him up. You talked about the pressures the kids have with grades and so many other things and that the week at the camp all that is forgotten. Mistakes don’t matter. That was really refreshing and probably a key reason why they all enjoy it so much.

Thank you so much for all your work,